How to Organise Your Loft Storage

How to Organise Your Loft Storage

If you’re lucky enough to have coveted storage space in your loft, count yourself lucky. Storage space is prime real estate for any home, and having a loft means you can keep the rest of your home free of clutter while keeping your items stored safe and dry. Lofts are ideal for storing out of season items such as clothing and decorations, camping equipment and memories such as baby clothing, toys, and old photo albums. Lofts allow you the opportunity to keep items that are important to you, but that you don’t necessarily use on a regular basis. However, the problem with loft space is that it can so easily become disorganised and mean that you are actually not making the best use of your space. Some people even struggle to get into their loft because it is in such a state of chaos. In this blog, we’ll walk you through 5 tips on how to organise your loft storage.

Have a Clearout

To get your loft space organised, the most important step is to have a clear out of the space. It’s much easier to start the process with as clean of a slate as possible, and that’s very difficult to do when you have too many items. Start by going through the items that you don’t use anymore or that you feel you can part with and dispose of them or give them to charity if they are in good enough condition.

When going through items in storage, you might also find some things that you want to bring down from the loft, such as old decor or clothing that is back in fashion again. You may also find items that belong to family members who have now moved out, such as grown children. You can box these items up and pass them along to who they belong to, clearing up extra space in your loft.

Use As Much of the Space as Possible

Not all lofts are large enough or equipped for use as storage space, depending on the structure. You should only store items in your loft if the space is boarded and reinforced, otherwise, you could find items falling through to the rooms below. If your loft is not boarded, or only a small portion of it is, boarding the space as much as possible will allow you a great deal more storage space.

Boarding can be done as a weekend DIY project if you’re handy, or you can hire someone to do it for you. Once you’re sure that your loft is properly boarded, you can make space of shelves if there is enough vertical space in the area. Vertical space is the perfect way to get the most out of your loft, because it allows you to stack boxes and other items, clearing up room on the floor for more awkward items that do not lend to being stored on a shelf.

Make Use of Labels

If you have a lot of boxes in your loft area, you might want to make use of a label maker. Lofts can be quite dark and full, which can make finding specific items rather difficult. Once you’ve decided how best to organise your loft space, using a label maker to make note of what items are in boxes can be a big help. You can label decorations by holiday, clothing by seasons, keepsakes by family member’s names, books by genre and photos by year.

Pick an Organisation Method That Works For You

There is no one single way to organise a space, and you’ll need to decide on a method that works for you, your loft space and your belongings. Some people store items by their type - for example, sporting and camping gear in one area, clothing in another, and old keepsakes in another. Other people might store by season, keeping their winter clothing and Christmas decor in one area, and summer clothing in the same area as suitcases.

When deciding how to organise your loft, it’s important to look at your belongings and figure out how they should be stored, and how you will most easily be able to access your belongings when you need to get to them. When you’ve done this, you’ll likely figure out the best way to organise the space so that it meets your needs.

Regularly Check the Space

One of the most difficult aspects of organising any area of your home is actually keeping it organised. It’s important to venture up to your loft at least twice a year to check what items have been carelessly placed up there over the months, and either clear them out or work them into the organisation scheme you established at the beginning.

If your loft space is limited or you find that you still require extra storage space for your belongings, get in touch with us today and find out about our various storage solutions.

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