How to Organise Your Clothes For Spring

How to Organise Your Clothes For Spring

If you're digging into some spring cleaning this month, now is the perfect opportunity for you to tackle the wardrobe. That's right, we're talking about getting your clothes organised and sorted for the new season. If you're looking for some quick tips to help you get started, you've come to the right place.


Sometimes, the hardest part of organising your clothes is deciding which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. However, it is important to make enough room in your wardrobe for the clothes you already have, and the clothes that you will most likely buy in the future. To ensure you are decluttering effectively, create a number of piles. These piles can be clothes you wish to keep, donate, throw out, sell or store away. Work through all of your clothes, being sensible with what you wish to keep. If you're struggling to throw clothes away, a great tip is to throw out items that you haven't worn in an entire year.

If you have limited space available to you, perhaps you should consider creating your own summer wardrobe for the warmer months ahead. This way, you can store away your winter clothes for when you need them, therefore creating more space in your wardrobe for the clothes you will be wearing more often. If you're searching for some storage space for your clothes, please don't hesitate to get a quote from us today here.

Deep Clean

Once you have cleared your wardrobe/drawer space, it's time to prepare for a deep clean. We rarely get the opportunity to clean these spaces, so now is the perfect opportunity to do so. Simply give the area a thorough dust, followed by a good scrub with an antibacterial spray and a cloth. You can also use this time to wash any clothes which you think need a burst of new life after sitting in your wardrobe for a long time.

Choose a Layout

Before you start replenishing your wardrobe with the clothes you wish to keep, you need to decide on a new layout. Realistically thinking of course, there are a few factors you need to consider when deciding on your dream layout. Will you organise by colour? Will you need to purchase additional storage space? Will you need to rearrange what goes where? If you're struggling to decide, here are four great ways to organise your clothes:

  • Colour - Organising by colour is one of the most common ways of organising clothes in the wardrobe. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, you can now know exactly where each item is by just looking in the correct colour section.
  • Clothing type - Organising by clothing type is a really great way to keep all similar items together. You can do this by organising all of your shirts together, jeans together, jumpers together and so on.
  • How often you wear them - If you find yourself wearing more items than others, why not place these clothes in an area easy to reach? e.g. front and center.
  • Style - Simply organise your clothes by style. For example, this could be giving clear separation to work clothes, going out clothes, casual clothes, etc. This way, you know the whereabouts of each item depending on what you're doing on the day.

Matching Hangers

So you've decided on a layout, and you're ready to start filling your wardrobe again. To do so, consider purchasing a new set of good quality hangers. Not only will they last longer, but they will also look a lot neater when they are all matching. This small touch will make all the difference.

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