How To Organise Your Child's Playroom

Tackling your child’s playroom can feel like a huge task. You may have the occasional declutter but having a clear organisation system will help to maintain a tidy playroom in your house. Knowing how to organise a playroom on a budget isn’t easy, but Easistore is here to help. Our playroom organisation hacks are simple and affordable, so check out our tips today.

Declutter and Sort

The first step in organising any room is to ascertain what is in the room and what can go. There will be toys that are broken, unused or that have been forgotten about. The decluttering process is about deciding what can stay, what needs attention and what can go. It’s important to include kids in this process as much as possible but be firm - let them keep a certain number of toys but throw out, give away or sell those that are of no use anymore. 

The next step in this process is to sort the remaining toys into groups. There are many ways in which toys can be sorted, like according to colour or size. Another good way to break up toys is how much they are played with. Everyday toys, once a week, once a month etc. How often toys are played with should influence how accessible toys are i.e., favourite toys should be most accessible. View our Decluttering Advice for more tips and advice on the clearing out process.


Utilise All Space

When deciding how and where to store toys, you shouldn’t forget the usefulness of your wall space in playroom organisation hacks. Shelves can be a great way to store toys so that they are accessible for your kids as well as creating a nice wall display in their play area. What is placed on the shelf can change depending on which toy is this month’s favourite and choosing this can even become a game in itself! 

Additionally, walls are a great way to store loose paper. You can hang up the most recent artworks, and even ask your kids to get involved in deciding which pieces of art to display and which to store elsewhere.

If you are running low on space for toys that don’t need to be very accessible, consider placing these toys in storage. Our household storage solutions cater to any number of items, so get a free quote with Easistore today.

Rotate Toys

This is a great tip on how to organise a playroom on a budget. Having a toy rotation can mean that playtime is never boring. Set this up by having a range of toys in a few tubs. One of these tubs can be accessible in the playroom while the others are stored out of sight. Then after a week or two, bring a tub out of storage and store the toys that have been recently played with. Of course, you can keep out the absolute favourites. 

This is a good way to make the most out of every toy as everything is given attention. Kids might even rediscover their love for older toys. This can feel like having new toys every rotation!

Clear Storage boxes

Choosing storage materials can sometimes feel overwhelming. There is a wealth of tubs, baskets and bags to choose from. While this is a personal choice for everyone, clear boxes and tubs can be a great choice. Not only will these match any playroom’s aesthetic, but it will be far easier to see, at a glance, what is inside. This will help kids find the toy they’re looking for and reduce any mess involved in searching through large opaque baskets or bins.

The 35 Litre Really Useful Box is a great example of the perfect toy storage box.


Out Of Reach

One thing to consider is how far out of reach to store toys and art supplies in your child’s playroom. To ensure that the room stays tidy, making sure that your child can put away the toys they play with on their own is a good idea. This means that they can clean up after themselves, allowing you more time not spent picking up after them. Although some vertical storage may be necessary, lower down storage should be used for things that your kids can be left to clear up. 

This works both ways. If there are items that require adult supervision or are very messy, such as paints and other art and craft items, would be better left far out of reach or in a different storage location. While it’s good to give kids some responsibility for clearing up, letting them loose with more messy activities could end up doing more harm than good.

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