How to Organise Your Bulky Winter Wardrobe

Knowing how to organise your bulky winter wardrobe can be stressful. No matter how many clothes you may own, it’s really easy to feel like you never have anything to wear. That’s why it's important to dedicate some much needed time to organise the clothes that you have, and get ready for the new season ahead.

Not only does organising your wardrobe make it easier to find your clothes, but the decluttering process also has a range of additional health benefits which many people often don't realise. Clutter has been proven to create unnecessary stress, and decluttering the space you live in can lead to reduced anxiety. So, what’s stopping you? Here are some great tips on how to organise your winter wardrobe.

Start with a clear out

Start by going through every item in your wardrobe. This may mean that you need to empty it out completely in order to see everything properly. Then, allocate every item to one of the following options:

  • Sell
  • Keep
  • Donate

More often than not, you may have forgotten about a hidden gem lurking in your wardrobe. Or perhaps you realise that you own too many clothes that you don't wear anymore. By following this simple rule of sell, keep or donate, you can ensure that you're only keeping the clothes you know you're going to wear. This will immediately create more space for the clothes that you do love.

Make money from unwanted clothes

If you have decided to sell some of your clothes, it’s important to use a trusted online marketplace to do so. Try using Depop or eBay for selling second hand items, or if you have more high-end pieces, try a site like Rebelle.

Invest in the right accessories

Now that you've kept the essentials and have started the organisation process, it’s important to purchase the right equipment for your wardrobe. Consider some matching hangers, or even some storage boxes to keep at the bottom of your wardrobe. Having the right accessories for your wardrobe will ensure that you make the very most of the limited space available.

Separate the seasons

We all know that the winter wardrobe can often take over, with bulky jumpers and sweatshirts. Simply divide your clothes into seasons, so that you can pack one half away when it’s not needed. It’s no good having your summer dresses to hand in the middle of the winter, so try packing these up in a suitable container and storing them in a cool, dry place for the meantime. This will also help you create more space in your wardrobe for chunky jumpers that take up more space!

Organise by category (and colour)

Organising your clothes by category is simple, and makes looking for your clothes a much quicker process in the morning. Once you have done this, try arranging your pieces by colour too. Not only will this look pretty, but again it will eliminate unnecessary time looking for clothes when trying to get ready.

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