How to Create More Space in the Family Home

How to Create More Space in the Family Home

If you have a big or growing family then you may find that you’re quickly running out of space in the family home. This chronic lack of breathing room may have happened without you even noticing. But in a busy, modern day home, space is at a premium, especially if you live in a big city such as London, so it can be hard to find space to comfortably fit in all of your (and your family's) belongings.

With a young family, you may not have the money or the time to be moving to a bigger house just yet, but you don’t want to keep living with so much clutter. In this case, self storage could be the perfect solution. As you'll read in this post, there are plenty of ways that self storage can help to declutter your home and free up some much needed space.

Based on years of helping families with their storage problems, we've listed some of the most common items you should consider for storage. It's a quick and cost-effective way of making your home spacious and tidy once again.

First, sort the clutter

This is probably something that you have been putting off for a while and therefore not something that you’re looking forward to. Sorting what is needed and essential from what isn’t is an essential part of the process.

To get started on this you should focus on the areas of your home that need the most attention. These are usually the more lived-in areas such as living rooms, offices and bedrooms.

Clutter is quite a general term but it can relate to anything that you have in your home that is not needed. This includes items that don’t have a home or can simply be thrown out. When assessing whether an item is 'clutter', think about the last time it was used. 

Sorting out the items that you genuinely don’t need any more and throwing them away can really help when it comes to working out your storage needs.

Items for Storage

Once you have sorted through the clutter to be sold, given away or simply thrown out, it's time to find the items that you don’t want to be without, but that don’t have an immediate use. These can range from items with personal, sentimental value, to valuable items that you don’t have the space for at the moment. Any item that fits this criteria is a perfect candidate for putting into self storage. Examples of these items include:

  • Children's toys, clothes & equipment - You will likely have a lot of old clothes, toys and equipment that your children have outgrown or don’t use anymore. Throwing them out altogether may not be an option if they hold sentimental value. If you don’t want to get rid of them just yet then storage might be the ideal solution.
  • Baby items - Items such as cots, baby bottles and other keepsakes will also have sentimental value and you will not want to get rid of them completely. Unless you have a practical use for these items, or you plan to have more babies on the way, they don't need to be taking up space in your house every day. 
  • Seasonal clothing - It’s not just the kids' clothes that will need sorting through, since most of us will have plenty of seasonal clothing that only gets used for a few months in a year. If you find you've run out of wardrobe space, then storing your seasonal clothing away (such as heavy winter coats in the summer, or beach wear in the winter) could be a great solution.
  • Souvenirs - There are plenty of items we have either bought on holiday or that used to serve a purpose but don’t fit in our home. We often end up putting these in cupboards, but they take up space where something more practical could go, so why not store them?

By sorting through these items you can free up some much needed space in your home. Self storage can help you with affordable rates on both short and long term storage. You may be in the process of moving and want to create some space to help sell your home or you might plan to move in the near future.

Whatever your reason for wanting extra space, our simple tips can help you achieve it. Also remember that by choosing a local storage company with long opening hours, you can still have regular access to these items, they just won't be underfoot!

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