How self storage can help tradesmen

How self storage can help tradesmen

If you are a tradesman then it’s likely that you will have a number of expensive tools and other equipment. You are also likely to have a number of stock items such as electrical parts or fittings, even more so if you are self-employed. With high demand for work to be done quickly, it’s important to keep stock of certain products. But it can be difficult to find space to store all of these items. You will likely store a lot of items in your van but this is not always that secure, as many tradesmen have had their tools and equipment stolen.

Self storage can provide the ideal solution and offers a great alternative to storing your items in your home or van. Our locations are fully secured with 24/7 surveillance to give you peace of mind, knowing that your stock is safe in our care. Using self storage for business purposes can also allow you to store more items and stock than you could before. This means you won’t have to worry about running out of parts and not being able to finish a job. It can also be ideal if you run your own small business. Hiring premises can be expensive and often requires long term contracts. Self storage can be ideal for a number of different trades and purposes.

Plumbing - There are certain parts and equipment that you are likely to use often. Having stock of these plumbing parts, such as pipes, can make your job much more efficient and easier. This way you won’t spend all your time back and forth to plumber’s merchants or DIY stores to find the equipment that you’re looking for.

Electrical - If you’re an electrician, then it can be difficult to get hold of specific parts at short notice. Instead of trying to find a specialist that stocks what you need, you could keep stock of the parts in a self storage unit. If you run a small business then you could give access to your employees and they can get stock whenever it is needed.

Builders - Similar to all trades, there is bound to be some items that you need to keep stock of on a regular basis. If you have larger and bulkier items that you are looking to store then that’s not a problem either. We have large drive-up storage units that are ideal for storing heavy or bulky items. This makes it much easier for you to access your storage unit.

These are just a few examples of the different trades that can benefit from using self storage, but there are many more that could also benefit. No matter what your trade, there are all kinds of storage units to meet your needs. You can even use your storage unit as a place to run your business from. With great central locations and easy access, you can get what you need to complete the job in no time at all. If you’re considering storage in the South East, then Easistore have a range of storage solutions that could be perfect for your needs. Make sure you get in touch to see how self storage can help your business. 

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