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Like many of us you’ve most likely got very comfortable working from your home in the last year. However it can be tricky finding that work-life balance in terms of your set up, and the last thing anyone needs is to feel unproductive when working. After all, it’s probably best to avoid mixing up your latest business proposal with your Ikea order summary.  

To avoid your home office becoming a little too cluttered and over-crowded with paperwork and various other items, we have put together a selection of easy office storage options for you to try out. 

Add Stylish Storage Solutions

Sometimes ‘practical’ just isn't enough, and you may want storage solutions that will not just do the job but will also look the part. So if you want to maintain a certain look and aesthetic, perhaps you could try introducing some wooden crates and traditional trunks to help add a stylish new look to your office instead.

Store Your Printer Away

It's great if you have your own printer at home, because after all they’re extremely useful. But unfortunately, they're not so easy on the eye. This bulky gadget may be a godsend at times, but it can also get in the way and can often be a pain to try and navigate in and around - especially if you don’t have a massive space to work with. One way you could discreetly store away your printer would be to use a chest of drawers, where you are able to tuck the printer away in the bottom drawer. This way it’s neatly tucked out the way, and offers you another free surface to utilise where it would otherwise be stationed.

A Noticeboard 

Introducing a noticeboard is perfect if you’re someone who collects lots of loose papers and notes. A noticeboard can help ease your desk of clutter, as well as allowing you to keep everything in one place. You could also add ‘To-Do’ lists and other important deadlines to ensure that you are always able to stay on top of things at work.

Open Shelving

Open storage that can be positioned on the walls can provide a simple, easy-access way for you to reduce desk clutter and keep your space nice, neat and clear. Open shelving won't only provide a brilliant source of storage but will also allow you to display a little personality. Whether it’s colourful folders or a selection of your favourite books, there’s no reason your shelves can’t benefit you beyond storage.

Keep Clutter Out Of Site 

You want to still be able to switch off when you finish a hard day's work, so bringing in some cupboards and wardrobes to store away all work-related papers could be an ideal solution to break away from work life. By storing everything in one place, you can keep all of your work documents out of the way, allowing you to get on with your evening and thoroughly enjoy some space away from work. 

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