Get your Deposit Back When Moving Home from Uni

Get your Deposit Back When Moving Home from Uni

It’s coming to that time of the year again for all of you at university where exams are no doubt looming large. Although you will certainly be feeling the pressure, there will be other things you have to consider at the end of the year, such as leaving your accommodation. It is common for many students to leave their accommodation during the summer months as it allows you to save money for next term.  If this is your final year then you will also likely be moving home for good and bringing all the stuff you have acquired with you. But one thing that you should remember to do when leaving a property is to get your deposit back from the landlord. Although this might seem like a simple task, it’s not always the case and landlords can be tricky about the deposit. Our blog gives you some advice on making sure you get the deposit back.

Check the List of Inventory

This can be a task that is easy to forget about with everything else you have to do, but it can be one of the biggest causes of disputes over the deposit. You should have checked the inventory when you moved in to ensure everything listed was actually on the property. But make sure that nothing is missing from the inventory when you move out as the landlord might charge you over the odds for trivial items. It can often be cheaper to replace this yourself than let the landlord charge you a large amount for it.

Repair Minor Damage

Many landlords will accept general wear and tear, but this is often a very ambiguous term and some landlords will be kinder than others. One thing that you should make sure to do is to repair any minor damage that might have occurred during the year you have spent in the property. One thing to consider is any damage to the walls, such as adhesive marks from where you have hung pictures or calendars. If you have used screws on the walls then it’s a good idea to repair the walls before leaving. This can be done with a small amount of filler and paint. Use a tester pot of paint to cover the area.

Clean the Property

This might seem obvious but there is nothing that will impress your landlord more than a spotless property before moving out. This will require some effort and a bit more time than just a quick hoover around the living room, but can be worth it to get your deposit back. Give the property a thorough clean before you move out and make sure that you remove any grime or dirt that has built up over the year. This way, your landlord can’t complain about the state of the property and use your deposit for expensive cleaning services that aren’t necessary. Why not invite your landlord round once you have cleaned to inspect the state of the property and make sure they are happy with everything.

Can the Landlord Keep the Deposit?

Your landlord can keep part or all of your deposit if they feel the tenancy agreement has been broken and there are things that need to be repaired or put right with the property. They should be considerate and allow for fair wear and tear, but some things they can charge you for include;

  • Replace or repair any damage to the property or its inventory
  • Clean the property to return it to a reasonable standard for new tenants
  • Replace any locks or keys that have not been returned for security purposes
  • Clear rubbish or belongings that have been left behind in the property
  • To cover any missing or outstanding payments of bills or rent

How Can I Dispute the Landlord?

You should always try to resolve any issues that you have with your landlord amicably, but there are certain situations where this will not be possible. If the relationship with your tenant has turned particularly sour then you can seek help from the tenancy dispute service. They will help to resolve your dispute and reclaim some of your deposit if you have evidence that you left the property in an acceptable state. If you have a lot of belongings that you can’t take home with you right away, you should consider student storage to get them out of the property. This could help you to reclaim the deposit from your landlord and provide you with time to sort things out at home.

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