Garage Renovation Ideas For 2022

Man drilling into wood renovating a room

With the New Year rolling around in less than a month, now is a good time to start thinking about the improvements you will make to your home. The New Year is a time for new beginnings, whether with work, hobbies, or fitness goals that we all hope to accomplish in 2022. For new goals and fresh starts, it’s a great idea to create a new space to help with motivation and creativity. A great new way to create a brand new space in your home is a DIY garage renovation.

Has your garage space become a storage locker for your old children’s toys and unused sports equipment? Now is the time to change that. We have put together a list of top garage renovation ideas for the new year. Browse the list and get inspired by that new DIY project.

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Home Gym

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to get fitter and to exercise more. While getting out and joining a gym might suit some, this is simply not convenient or motivational for many people. If you have a garage space in your home, why not transform that old, dusty room into a brand new home gym? This is sure to play a huge role in making exercise more accessible, cutting down the time needed to travel to and from your local gym. And with a gym in the house, there will no longer be any excuses for skipping a workout! New year, new you!

Weights in a home gym in a converted garage

Home Office

With hybrid working styles an up and coming strategy, working from home may become a common element of professional life shortly. Working from your living room may have been acceptable for a short period of time, but productive and effective work can only be consistently achieved with a dedicated workspace, away from distractions. A big contender in the list of garage renovation ideas for 2022 is converting your garage space into a home office. This can then be used for privacy for important meetings as well as used for other new year hobbies that require peace and quiet, such as art, reading, and practising musical instruments.

If you enlist the help of builders in your renovation project, check out our 5 top tips for getting the best from your builders.

Space for Entertaining

If you are hoping to entertain more guests and have more social gatherings in 2022 (Covid-19 guidelines permitting), you might want to add a little more space for entertaining in your home. From a bar to a home cinema, you can create your ideal space for spending time with friends, including all the things that a good gathering needs. This is a great idea particularly for large families, as social gatherings can be kept separate from the main house to avoid disturbing other family members. Inside space for guests is an excellent place for winter gatherings when temperatures are too low to spend evenings outside.

Utility Room

While it might be tempting to renovate your garage into a new living space for you and your family, this may not be the best use of space for your home. Why not make a little more room in your home by creating a brand new utility room in your former garage space. You can be as creative or as minimalist as you like with this garage renovation idea, with a more bare theme or a utility room full of useful storage additions.

Shelves in a utility room


For families with young children, a great DIY garage renovation idea is to transform your garage space into a playroom for little ones. Having their own space can teach kids how to look after their own space and how to tidy up after themselves. Toys will no longer be strewn about the home waiting to be stepped on and broken, rather in their storage bins or boxes in the playroom. 

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