Finding your First Office Space

Finding your First Office Space

If your business or start-up is beginning to take off and you think you can make a good living from it, you might be looking to expand. This could mean taking on some employees to help you run the business, or finding a space to run the business outside of your home. 

Finding your first office space will allow you to expand your business by offering somewhere for potential clients to come and meet with you. This is an ideal shift if you are often going out to meet potential clients or conducting meetings via Skype. In the following blog post, we give you some tips on finding your first office space and remind you of some things you should take into account.

Can you afford it?

This might seem like an obvious question to ask but many businesses will commit to long term contracts and leases that they can’t really afford. There are all kinds of costs that you will incur when renting your first office, including things like heating, cleaners, insurance and plenty of other costs on top of just rent. For this reason, many small businesses choose to rent serviced offices or rent office space within a larger building to keep costs down. This way you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract initially and you can manage your growth a lot easier than with a large contract.

What are your business needs?

Before deciding on what kind of office space you want to rent you should also consider your business needs and what space suits you best. It is also important to think about what the needs of your clients will be as this can influence the kind of office space you look to rent. For example, you might need to consider whether there is ample parking for you and your employees, plus clients if they need to visit you. Setting out your needs in advance will make it easier for you to realise what kind of office space you should actually be looking for.

Types of Office Space

There are wide number of office spaces that you can look to rent so it can be difficult to know exactly which kind of office suits your business best. 

Temporary Office – If you don’t have the need for a permanent office space but have a short term need for somewhere, this is the ideal kind of space for you. Easistore provides a number of great office spaces with flexible terms.

Shared Office – If you share office space with another company, you can cut back on costs while still having a permanent space. If you look for the right company to share with then you could also help each other to grow.

Leasing Office Space – There are all types of leases so make sure you’re cautious when going into this. A fixed lease means that you pay a fixed amount, but something like a net lease means you pay maintenance on top of your rent.

Buying an office – This may not be the best idea for a start-up as it will be the most expensive choice. But if you have enough funds and a strong business plan with good projections, then this could be the route for you.

No matter what kind of office space you decide on, as long as you have a clear business plan in mind, and you have considered these factors then you should be well prepared. If you are looking for an office space in Edenbridge or Tunbridge Wells then Easistore can provide the perfect solution. Make sure you get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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