Creative Tips for Hiding Christmas Presents

It’s that time of year again, and that means making new memories with family, eating delicious food, and sharing presents with the people that you love. If you ask your children, unwrapping presents from Father Christmas is probably the best part, which is why hiding gifts from young eyes can be tricky to say the least. Many parents often struggle deciding where to keep the stash of gifts. So, where is the best place to hide Christmas presents? We’ve put together our top 10 places to keep your gifts hidden until Santa arrives.


In an attic or basement

Switch up your ordinary hiding spots without much effort by hiding your Christmas presents in an attic or basement. No matter where you decide to hide your presents, it’s a good idea to store them in cardboard boxes that preferably match the others in your chosen space. This way your children will be none the wiser. Extra points if you write something on the side of the box, such as ‘Mortgage forms’ to deter them even further!

In a suitcase

Suitcases or backpacks make great places to hide presents in the festive season. If you have empty suitcases in your home, put them to good use this Christmas by storing your gifts in them. Just be sure that you avoid keeping presents in any luggage that you intend on using for holiday travel, as you may end up revealing the surprise before the special day!

With the cleaning supplies

The best hiding spots for Christmas presents are places where your children rarely go themselves. Getting them to clean the house isn't easy at any time of the year, making the cleaning storage the best hiding spot. Simply put your gifts in a box, and tuck it away behind bottles of cleaner. Stack up a few cloths or sponges on top to camouflage further. 

In the car

Children are most likely to look for hidden presents whilst you're out of the house, so why not take them with you? Simply hide presents in the boot of your car, either in boxes or in rubbish bags. Be sure to close the boot cover or to put things on top of the gifts to hide them as much as possible to keep curious eyes at bay. 

In a drawer

There are some places that children simply won't check, such as off-limit spots or drawers. These are great places to hide smaller gifts such as gift cards or money, as kids will be none the wiser. 

In a storage unit

The ultimate place for storing this year's Christmas presents is a storage unit. You're the only person with the key, therefore only you can control who sees what's inside. Storage units are secure and safe, meaning no one will get your hands on your Christmas gifts but you. Get your free quote from Easistore today.


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