Create Better Feng Shui in your Home by Decluttering

Create Better Feng Shui in your Home by Decluttering

Many people are unhappy about the flow of their home and things feel too cluttered. A popular way of arranging your home is the traditional Chinese method of Feng Shui. This has become much more popular in the west during recent years as people look to create a better flow in their home. The philosophy believes that by arranging your surroundings, you can create positive Qi (pronounced chee) or energy. But what exactly is feng shui and how can you enact the philosophy in your home? We help you by giving you some tips to help declutter your home through feng shui.

Creating better Feng Shui in your bedroom

One of the most important places in your home to create better feng shui and Qi is in the bedroom. It is important to have good energy and vibes in the bedroom as this is where we often spend a large amount of our time and of course sleep. The philosophy of feng shui means that by creating better Qi in your bedroom, you could even be in for a better night’s sleep. A few tops tips for the bedroom include;

  • Use welcoming and warming colours in your bedroom to create positive energy
  • Position your bed carefully and make sure you’re not directly in-line with a doorway, use bedside tables on both sides of your bed
  • Shut out the world and remove laptops, TVs and phones from your bedroom for better relaxation, also make sure all doors are closed when you sleep
  • You can use alternative methods of lighting in your bedroom to make sure it is not too bright, try a dimmer switch or use candles

Living Room

Another room where we spend a lot of time is in the living room and it is somewhere that could do with the feng shui treatment. It is also an important room in the house as it is often the first room someone enters after arriving through the front door.It is believed that good feng shui can lead to improved fortunes in wealth, health and social standing too, so now could be the time to declutter.Some top tips for improving the feng shui in your living room include;

  • Make your living room spacious and comfortable, it must also receive a lot of sunlight and be ventilated well where possible
  • The sofa should be placed against a solid wall although it doesn’t have to be touching the wall in the room
  • Hang posters or pictures on the wall of a pleasing landscape to create better Qi, you can also hang a  mirror that reflects the outdoors
  • You shouldn’t clutter the living room with too many objects either, the number 9 is favourable in feng shui, so try and go for 9 of your favourite items


The final place you should consider creating better feng shui is in your kitchen. This is because the kitchen is a place in our home that should promote healthy living. It is where we often eat most of our meals so good energy is an important factor. Feng shui has the ability to create positive energy in your kitchen and it is easier to put in place than you might think. You can create positive energy in your living room by following these feng shui practices;

  • If possible, you should try and face east while cooking so place your cooker accordingly if you can do
  • The positioning of your appliances is an important element of creating good feng shui in your kitchen, place your fridge at least 1 or 2 feet away from the stove
  • You can place a table in the kitchen but it should ideally be placed in the west or north-west of your kitchen space
  • If you’re thinking about colours for your kitchen then some good colours for feng shui include yellow, orange, chocolate or red

To create better feng shui in your home you will need to move belongings around and possibly get rid of some. This is a good time to declutter too and get rid of any items that are not essential. 

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