Clean Out Your Loft and Gain More Space

Clean Out Your Loft and Gain More Space

If you have a loft or attic in your home, then it is highly likely that the space is packed full of junk that you haven’t bothered to sort. It’s a daunting task, which is why most people avoid clearing the clutter. However, by dedicating some time to sort through the clutter, you'll be able to use the space more effectively to store the things you actually need, creating more space in your home. You might even find some valuable items that you don’t need and can sell for some extra cash. Here's dow to do it...

Clear the Rubbish

First things first, when you clean out your loft you should get rid of the stuff that has no use anymore; whether it's broken appliances you planned to fix or boxes and parts for things you have thrown away, make sure you throw it out. In order to do this, you'll need to pull everything out of the loft to divide it into categories. 

We recommend sorting your belongings into four key piles; keep, throw out, donate and sell. Be strict when deciding what you want to keep, making sure you only hold onto the bare minimum. The rest of the items can be organised based on their condition - throw away broken items, sell anything of value and donate things that might be of use to others. 

Make a Plan

Once you've cleared out your loft and sorted your belongings into categories, you should make a plan of how you want to utilise the loft space. You should think about the kind of things you want to store in the loft and make a plan of how to best use the space.

If you make a good plan of the belongings you want to keep in the loft you will be able to access them easier. You should consider the things you might need to access more often and store these things closer to the entrance on your loft space. It can help to draw out a quick floor plan, which might come in handy at a later date when you are looking for something in particular!

Store your Belongings

If you are planning to use the loft space to store your belongings then it is important that you store them properly to make sure that they don’t become damaged. If you don’t use the proper storage equipment for your belongings there is a chance that they may get damaged in the loft. There are a variety of ways that your belongings can get damaged in the loft, from either water, damp or insects. Some storage supplies you should consider using are;

  • Plastic or cardboard storage boxes to keep belongings safe
  • Tape to make sure your boxes are sealed from potential damage
  • Bubblewrap or packing protection to insulate your belongings
  • Dust covers for items such as furniture to keep the fabric clean

By following these tips you can start to make the most of your loft space. If you need packing supplies then we have a great range of products available online. You should now have a lot more space in your loft that can help you clear the clutter in your home and gain some more space.

But if you still have too much stuff then you might need to consider self storage. We provide a range of storage options for long or short term periods that can help you gain some space back in your home. Get in touch with us today if you need more advice.

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