Christmas Light Storage Hacks

Christmas Light Storage Hacks

With the Christmas period in full swing, your decorations are most likely up and looking great. However, when it comes to taking them down, the lights, in particular, can prove tricky. They can tangle easily; they are difficult to store and can be a pain in general. We have some great storage hacks to ensure that your Christmas lights are easy to get out next year.

Reuse Them All Year Round

A simple hack to Christmas light storage is to keep them out all year round. If you have an old vase, you can store your lights inside to create your own custom lamp, which you can keep on a coffee table or even a dining table. To make your lamp festive over Christmas, you can put baubles in you’re the vase too, which will fit with the Christmas atmosphere. This technique is not only cost-effective, but it also looks beautiful. If you want to be even more creative, reuse empty wine or champagne bottles and fill them with your Christmas lights. Before doing this, always ensure that all the alcohol is thoroughly washed out beforehand. You can even use a mason jar, which also delivers the same effect.

Wrap Christmas Lights

When storing your Christmas lights, it is important to reduce the risk of tangling. The last thing you want next year is to spend hours untangling your lights. To do this, we recommend wrapping your lights around a cardboard cut-out, to stop them from getting tangled. This way you won’t waste your time and energy untangling lights next year. You can do the same method with old cardboard paper rolls or even an empty Pringles crisp can. As long as you wrap the lights carefully, they should be fairly easy to unravel when you next get them out. If you don’t have the above available to you, you can use a clothes hanger which will work just the same. Wrap your lights from one end of the hanger to the other. You can then wrap the hanger in tissue paper for extra protection in storage.


Simply Bunch Them Together

It is likely that your lights would have originally been stored in a cardboard box with a cable tied around them to keep them secure and together. You can easily repeat this process by bunching your lights together and securing with a cable tie or elastic band. Then, you can easily store them in the box they came in. By doing this you know exactly the contents of the box when you are unpacking your decorations next year.


The conditions in which you store your Christmas lights is very important, as good storage means you can keep the lights for longer. The best way to store your lights it to put them in a box, in a cool dry place far from any source of heat. A plastic box is always a better option, as it minimises the risk of water damage and allows for maximum protection. It is also important to ensure that the lights are out of reach of children and pets.

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