Choosing the Right Office Space for Your Company

Many of us have chosen to move business within our own four walls over the past couple of years. If you’ve decided to move back into an office space or you’re moving to a new location, there are several factors to take into account. It’s important to take your time when deciding on a new office for your business, as rushing the decision might cause you to miss out on some key considerations. To help you find the perfect office space for you, we’ve compiled a list of criteria to use during your office selection process.


First up, location. This is one key factor that might be obvious to you at first, however there are some things that you might not have realised yet. Transport links to the location are key and it’s important to consider where employees will be coming from to confirm that they will have easy access to the office. 

If you will be entertaining clients at this location, it’s important to take a step back - Is the building easy to find? Is it visible from the main road? Is it well sign-posted? And are there nice facilities nearby for any client meals that might take place?

A final location consideration is the space around the building. Would there be space to grow if you needed more space for more stock or employees? A little wiggle room is never a bad thing and it would save you time and money to consider this before having to move to a larger space at a different place.

Safety and Security

The security and safety of your offices should be a priority of your search. This includes checks such as where the fire exits and assembly points are in case of emergency, as well as the location of the fire and other alarms (or even checking that there are alarms). The building itself should also be secured, whether this be with a key, keypad or other methods. If you need to store stock, maybe consider if there is CCTV set up, or if it could be for a minimal cost. These are all questions that can be directed to the landlord.


Another final criterion for your office space could be the sustainability rating of the office space. Is it powered by renewable electricity? Is the space energy efficient - is there insulation in place to save heating costs? Checking that there is double glazing is also a good idea as this can not only save the environment but also money on your heating and air conditioning costs. Being as sustainable as possible is important for the environment and can also improve the image of your brand to possible customers.

If you’re still searching for the perfect space, check out our large range of office and studio spaces to rent.

Building Facilities

The building itself is another very important and perhaps blatant factor in your decision process. There needs to be sufficient parking, not just for employees but for customers and clients that will visit the establishment. The facilities of the building, including the toilets, kitchens and even the electricity outlets are worth checking out before confirming a rental agreement. Even if it does have electricity, we recommend checking the whereabouts of the power sockets within the building to check that this would comply with your needs.

Building size and aesthetic

Perhaps a subsection of this factor would be the more superficial aspects to the building. It is natural that the size will be of importance to you, but you might also want to factor in the shape of the building. Will it be easy to organise the desks? Will stock fit neatly and have easy access? A test of the space could avoid any unwanted costs. If your new office is in need of some new furniture, check out our blog with tips on the best office storage solutions.

It’s important to remember that your office is a further reflection of your business and your outward-facing brand. How your location looks could sway possible clients to or away from your company so it’s worth consideration. Is the reputation of the area bad? Will there be a lot of air pollution from a nearby main road? These things will not only affect your customers but also your employees - keeping them happy in the space will increase motivation and reduce stress.


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