Can You Store a Motorcycle In a Shed? Our Guide to Storage

You can store a motorcycle in a shed if it is well insulated and watertight without any problems to your bike. But if your shed is not in good condition then your motorcycle faces the risk of corrosion and damage during winter months.

That being said, any form of shelter is better than your motorbike being out in the open and exposed to the elements. We have put together a guide for motorcycle storage if you want to put your bike away for an extended period during the winter. Take a look for some top tips on how to keep it safe and in great condition.

What to Do Before Storing a Motorcycle

If you are storing a motorcycle for a long period then you should make sure you clean it fully and prepare for an extended period off the roads. We have put together a list of some steps you should take before storing a bike for 3-6 months;

  1. Give your bike a thorough clean and then wax the paintwork to preserve the colour.

  2. Make sure you empty all compartments and saddlebags on your motorbike.

  3. Invest in a quality cover to keep your bike free from dust and dirt while it is in storage.

  4. Change and fully drain the oil on your bike while also replacing the filter.

  5. Check all fluids such as brake fluids and change any that appear cloudy or milky.

  6. Fill your fuel tank and add a stabiliser to your fuel.

  7. Elevate your bike by placing it on a stand so both wheels are off the ground.

  8. Reduce the air pressure in your tyres, usually by 20% but check the manual if unsure.

  9. Consider a trickle charger to ensure your battery remains in the best shape.

Where Can I Store a Motorcycle?

Where possible you should store a motorcycle under cover in either a garage or a well insulated shed. You would need a sizable shed space to store a motorcycle and you would ideally want to ensure that the space is water tight before storing your motorcycle in the shed. Consider panelling the walls and roof of the shed to help insulate and keep damp and cold out of the space. A garage would be a more ideal space as these are usually better insulated than shed spaces and likely water tight. 

Things to Avoid When Storing a Motorbike

There are a couple of things that you should ideally avoid when storing a motorbike over a longer period. One top tip is to avoid periodically running your motorbike as this can actually lead to more problems. It will create moisture and if you run it for more than 30 minutes you will have to repeat all the steps above. Don’t be tempted to artificially heat the room in the winter either, a consistent temperature is better than changing temperatures which can lead to condensation and damage to your motorbike.

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