Bedroom Storage Solutions For More Space

Bedroom Storage Solutions For More Space

Bedrooms are the most personal space in a home. Your bedroom is more than likely decorated to your own personal taste and includes a lot of personal effects. We like to be comfortable in our space and it’s likely that you have a lot of belongings and decoration in your bedroom. For this reason, we are often short of space in our bedroom and in need of more storage space. There are also many items that we don’t simply want to put away in storage and want to be easily accessible. We’ve come up with some clever bedroom storage solutions and hacks that could save you space.

Make More of the Bed

Your bed is likely to take up a large amount of space in your room and is usually a focal point. But we often neglect this space and don’t make the most out of it. If you have a smaller bedroom or simply lack storage space, then you should consider making more use out of your bed. This may be more difficult if you have already bought your bed but you can still try and make the most out of the space. Use storage space under your bed with storage boxes or even think about storage in the headboard to give you some easy bedroom storage solutions. If you're looking for a bed like this you can find one online here.

Corners of the Room

Corners can be a difficult space to fill in any room as it is hard to find furniture that actually fits the space. But they can actually make a useful storage space if you take advantage of them. If you have a small bedroom space and can’t fit a large wardrobe, or you just want more space to hang all of your clothes, then why not create a clothes rack in the corner of your room. Install some hanging rails and you have created an extra storage space for all of your clothes. Install some shelves above the hanging rack to complete the look and even have space to store your shoes.


To make the most of your bedroom storage, you should consider installing as many shelves as possible. There are plenty of different ways that you can install shelving in your bedroom to make the most out of the space. Installing high shelves around the perimeter of the bedroom can provide plenty of storage space for all the items that you don’t need immediately. Floating shelves can also leave floor space free but provide a useful space to store your items. Of course, traditional shelving units can provide a great deal of storage, but these can take up valuable floor space and are bulky so get creative!

Vertical Storage

One clever bedroom storage solution that we could all use is to make the most out of the vertical space in your room. It is often something that we neglect but there is plenty of space in your bedroom that we could all be making use of. This includes on the back of doors or on the side of cupboards and wardrobes. By using hanging storage you can gain valuable floor space and make your bedroom look bigger. A good idea is to use a hanging laundry basket on the back of a cupboard door, as this removes a bulky item from the room and gives you more space.

Follow these simple bedroom storage solutions to gain space back in your room. These top tips can help you to make the most out of your bedroom storage and enjoy a spacious room. But if you still need more storage space after trying these clever bedroom storage solutions, then you might need to think about a clear-out. But you don't need to throw these extra belongings away. Easistore can provide affordable storage solutions for all kinds of purposes.

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