Back to School Storage for Teachers

Back to School Storage for Teachers

Work-life balance is important, however, it’s hard to put the boundary between work and home, often more than not you end up bringing work home. However, it is important to not let your home be consumed with supplies, old class-décor, books and student work from a decade ago. Research shows that clutter has a detrimental effect on mental health and is a leading cause of stress for some individual. As a teacher, you don’t need any more stress.

Self-storage is a great way to declutter your home and your thinking space whilst you get organised. Self-storage can provide you with a safe place to store all your teaching materials, props, textbooks. Teaching curriculums and trends are constantly changing, it would be a waste to throw away your materials as these trends are often known to return.

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money on items you will need a lot of. Often, buying crates of supplies is more affordable than buying a few pieces at a time. Storage units are a great place to store all your surplus supplies for the years to come. Keeping your supplies at school probably isn’t the best choice as things can get misplaced.

Decorating a classroom is a great way of changing the classroom environment for the better. It helps with engaging the students with subject material also. Many creative practitioners of education have decorations for different seasons, and some take another step to decorate for each holiday. Whilst this is a great idea, without a proper storage unit, this volume of decorations can cause clutter in your classroom and home. The best option is to limit yourself to 4 60litre boxes, labelled for each season. This way you can save and recycle the decorations each year.

Displaying work from previous students can help contextualise assignments and make an A+ piece of work seem more achievable. Also, requesting to keep a copy of a good piece of work from a student shows appreciation and can increase the morale of the student in question, and successfully serve as a means of encouragement to continue working hard. However, to avoid being packed in by poster boards, papers and 3D models it is best to invest in a small storage unit. You can label everything nicely in airtight bags and access the material anytime.

As a primary school teacher, your grades may change, and you may be teaching year 2 one year and then year 6 the next. To avoid confusion and to make sure you have age-appropriate material and decorations for your class, make a box for each grade as and when you are assigned. This will help you keep track of everything, and it means when the time comes again for you to teach a grade you have taught before, you have a neat collection of materials ready and in good condition.

Supplies, materials, model student work and other teaching-related resources can get damaged, stained, and mouldy if not stored correctly. It is important to find an easily accessible and secure place, like a self-storage unit, to store your belongings. We offer a range of affordable self-storage options to suit your individual needs. Click here today to get your personal quote.

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