Autumn Interior Trends for Your Home

Autumn Interior Trends for Your Home

There’s something special about the autumn months when our busy lives slow down from the adventurous summer months. It’s a chance to reset the home for the festive season ahead and best of all, make everything extra cosy. 

For many, the autumn months provide the perfect opportunity to introduce warm colours and inviting textures, and this can be done subtly without having to completely overhaul your home with full-on redecorating. Instead, you can transform your home for the autumn months with just a few changes that will make a big difference. Read our top tips on autumn interior trends for your home now. 


One of the biggest shifts of season trends, when summer fades into autumn, is the transition of the colour scheme. In the summer we tend to be drawn towards much cooler colours (blues, greens) that remind us of tropical surroundings. In the colder months, a much warmer colour palette takes over, with shades of brown, yellow, orange and red taking centre stage. 

Adding a splash of these warm hues to your home is as easy as swapping out your throw cushions, blankets, and decorative items like vases, ornaments and accessories. Start by choosing which of these warm autumn tones will match your overall decor theme. For example. if you tend to have a cooler palette throughout your house, neutral tones like browns, beiges, rust colours and oranges will work better than reds. This will help ensure that your autumn colour selections don’t clash with your wall and furniture colours, which can’t be swapped out as easily. 



If you’re a fan of textural elements as part of your decor, then autumn should be your absolute favourite time of year. Autumn provides the perfect opportunity to bring the outdoors in, with rustic elements abound. Items like twigs, pine cones and branches can be used for centrepieces, shaggy rugs and wide-woven blankets all contribute to a cosy autumn vibe within the home. 

You can also get creative with introducing textures by choosing items made from stone, wood, metals and woven items like baskets and wreathes. You can also find some very unique lampshades that can add texture to a room and act as a focal point.  


The colder months, autumn included, often conjure images of families gathered around the fire in a cosy lounge bathed in golden, homey light. This makes lighting one of the most important interior trends for autumn. During this time of year, make use of those cosy corner lamps instead of overhead lighting, which can feel bright and overly clinical. When you want to create an inviting atmosphere, softer sources of light are ideal. Bring out your candle collection in full force, introduce fairy lights and work the fireplace. 

Warmer sources of light like these mentioned above go a long way in setting the autumn vibe in your home, and changing light sources is the most cost-effective way to work autumn into your interior decor scheme, without having to spend money on decorative items. 

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