6 Fun Uses for Cardboard Boxes at Halloween

6 Fun Uses for Cardboard Boxes at Halloween

Are you struggling to think of fun Halloween activities to do with your children this year? Chances are, if you’ve recently moved house you’ll have some spare boxes taking up space. Even if you haven’t moved house recently, it’s likely that you have some unused cardboard boxes stashed away somewhere.  Halloween is the perfect excuse for repurposing your spare cardboard boxes by transforming them into decorations or even costumes! This is a great way to get the kids involved in decorating or designing their own costume and allows them to be creative. In this blog we share 6 fun Halloween craft and costume ideas to make with the kids, using simple cardboard boxes.

Pumpkin Stack

If you’re looking for a fun and whimsical decoration to make with the kids, this is the perfect craft. Select three cardboard boxes, each in a different size. Paint each box orange and add a face using paint, markers or paper and googly-eyes. Add glitter for some sparkle, and then stack the boxes from largest to smallest, securing them together with strong double sided tape. Place the pumpkin stack in the porch to greet trick-or-treaters, or use as a centrepiece on the table for a family Halloween dinner.

Jukebox Costume

If you have a large cardboard box that’s not being used, it can be easily transformed into a costume for your child. For a quirky, vintage theme, you could make a cardboard jukebox costume with your child. Use paint, coloured paper to jazz it up, and add tin foil for metal detail effects. Cut holes for your child’s arms and head, leaving the bottom of the box open for their legs. If you really want to go all out, you can play oldies music on your phone while you take your child trick-or-treating to complete the nostalgic feel!

Spooky Spiders

A great way to make use of small boxes is to turn them into cardboard spiders. Paint the box black and use white paint or paper to make a fun or spooky face. Leave to dry, then bend black pipe cleaners to make eight legs legs and attach to the box using black tape. When your spider is done, hang from the ceiling with fishing line. You can even make more than one for a pack of spooky spiders!

Deck of Cards Costume

Another fun costume idea using a large cardboard box is to make a playing card costume. Paint the box white and have your child pick whether they want to be the ace of spades, queen of hearts or five of diamonds! Decorate the box to make it look like the playing card and add holes for your child’s arms and head. This is a great idea if you have more than one child, or if your child will be trick-or-treating with a group of friends, as they can all go together as a deck of cards!

Monster Heads

This is a great craft for almost any size cardboard box. Your child can use paint, markers or paper to decorate a cardboard box like their favourite monster - a zombie, ghost, vampire or even Frankenstein’s monster! These can either be used as a fun decoration, or if you cut a hole in the bottom and add eyeholes, your child can place it on their head and wear it as part of a costume.

Garden Gravestones

You can easily transform your front garden into a creepy graveyard to spook trick-or-treaters, using just some cardboard boxes and paint. This craft is ideal for tall and thin boxes which can be painted grey to resemble gravestones. Use black markers and make graves dedicated to spooky characters like Dracula, the Headless Horseman, the Mummy or the Wolf Man. The more you make, the more fun your Halloween graveyard will be!

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