5 Tips For Decluttering Your Desk

Tidy desk with minimalist style.

Feeling sluggish and unmotivated at work? Take a look around your workstation. If your surfaces are cluttered and messy, the chances are your mind might feel the same way. Constantly gazing at a glaring ‘to do’ sign is not the best environment for a productive workday. And while decluttering your desk may seem like a simple task, without proper coordination this mission can go unaccomplished for weeks. Here are some simple tips, tricks and desk organisation ideas, from the experts at decluttering advice, to lend a helping hand.

What’s The Cause?

While a disorganised desk doesn’t necessarily reflect a disorganised life, there is usually a cause of a build-up of clutter in your workspace. Are you spending too much time at your desk? Are you overworking yourself, leading to you being too tired to take care of administrative tasks? Or is your desk simply not a priority in day to day life? Whatever the problem may be, it could require an evaluation of your day or just some advice on how to declutter your desk and have it stay that way.

Schedule A Time

It’s all well and good to identify the problem, but as other, more urgent tasks arise and commitments steal our attention, addressing your messy desk might fall lower and lower on your to-do list. Whether just in your own mind or on your work calendar, assign a specific day and time to tackle desk organisation. However long you can spare will be long enough to make a considerable change to your environment and, therefore, work mindset. 

Rinse and Repeat

As we lead busy lives, clutter is bound to collect around us as we pick up and drop tasks and objects throughout our days. What is important is that after taking the first step, with some larger desk organisation ideas, we maintain a regular process to prevent our workspaces from being at their worst ever again. All it needs is a little reminder, weekly or monthly, to keep yourself in check when it comes to decluttering. Maybe before work on a Thursday could be your 5-minute window to take another look around you and take action. Little and often will always be easier and more enjoyable than longer and more drastic tidying.

Study with tidy atmosphere and organised shelves.

Start Fresh

One of the best ways to ensure you only have the absolute necessities surrounding you on a day-to-day basis is to start fresh. Rather than looking at a cluttered desk and identifying useless items, it may be easier to start the other way round. Clear everything - and that means everything - off of your work desk and surrounding shelves and surfaces. You can then begin to replace the objects you deem as vital in day to day work. 

This list might start with the obvious things like your personal computer or laptop, mouse, and keyboard. Visualise your day and any eventualities and pick out items that are needed for these activities, being as ruthless and as minimalist as you can. This way, everything you have around you will be there for a reason.

Desk organiser with sections for different objects.

Desk Organisation Tools

If you are finding that your desk becomes cluttered with papers, pens, and more quickly throughout your day, it might be time to invest in the right tools. Dividers, pen pots, trays and more can help to allow everything to find a place. As well as giving the appearance of a tidier desk, you’ll also find that locating important documents and stationery is easier than ever. By spending a little time organising, you could save yourself time and worry in the long run. For more desk organisation ideas, check out our 10 tips for office organisation.

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