5 Must Have Items for Your Home Office in 2018

5 Must Have Items for Your Home Office in 2018

For those who are fortunate enough to have the flexibility to work from home, the home office is a vitally important part of life. It’s a space you should be able to personalise and tailor to your own needs, creating an environment that will help you excel professionally and creatively. Studies have shown that individuals who are able to personalise their workspace are more engaged and productive.  We’re lucky enough to live in an age where we are spoilt for choice when it comes to items and gadgets that make both our work and home life easier. In our blog, we take a look at 5 items you must have in your home office for 2018, ranging from amazing tech to life-saving simplifiers.

Cable Organiser

An organised workspace is key to an organised workday. It might sound simple, but a cable organiser can actually make a big difference to your working environment. Cables from phones, computers, keyboards, printers, chargers and multimedia devices can soon make a tidy workspace a cluttered and disorganised nightmare. Cable organisers come in different forms, including cable management boxes which are great for clearing up tangled cords beneath your desk. You may also find cable clips handy for keeping cords separated at the top of your desk.

Charging Pad

If you really want to get your desk organised by eliminating cables, you might want to consider purchasing a charging pad. These gadgets are perfect, especially if you have more than one mobile phone on the go, as many people who work from home tend to do. This way you can clear the mess that comes with having multiple chargers for different devices. Before choosing a charging pad, it’s important to check that it’s compatible with your devices (and that your devices can be charged wirelessly) before purchasing.


Backing up important information, like important files, invoices, emails, client information and financial details is one of the most important things you can do when you run a business from home. Imagine if something were to happen and your computer was destroyed, like a flood, computer virus or crashed hard drive. All of your important information would be lost, potentially forever. Cloud backup is something you should research investing in to protect yourself and your business, because it regularly saves and updates your files, providing a secondary location where you can always retrieve your information if something should happen to your computer.  You can find more information about the different types of cloud storage here.


Working from home takes discipline and dedication, and sometimes it can be difficult to find the motivation to get the workday started when you’re only a few rooms away from your bed. By adding sources of inspiration to your workspace, you can motivate yourself to be more productive and engaged in your work. You can buy a stylish desk organiser, choose a piece of artwork that inspires you to hang on the wall, or an interesting antique to keep on your desk.

Adding plants to your home office is another way to make the space more inspiring. It can be as simple as adding a small potted plant to the windowsill. For something a bit different, or if you’re short on space, hanging glass terrariums are a beautiful and quirky way to add some much-needed greenery to your home office.


Storage is key for any home office, whether it’s for important documents, posting materials or stock, you need an organised way to store your things. Storage baskets and boxes can be a fun way to add colour and convenient storage to your home office. You could also choose a large shelving system to add not only valuable space but also style to your home office.

If you’re struggling to find enough storage space in your home office, you might want to consider our business storage solutions. Whether you need space for overflow stock, documents or large equipment, our storage spaces can offer you the extra room you need for your growing business. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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