5 Hacks to Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

Evenings are growing lighter and days are getting warmer - it can only mean one thing; spring is here. Now we all love spring however there’s one thing that we don’t all necessarily enjoy. That’s right, spring cleaning. Don’t worry though, we have put together a simple spring cleaning checklist to help you get ahead of the game this year. 

Below are some simple tips for you to help get ahead of spring cleaning this year, so if you’re thinking when to start spring cleaning - why not get started now and be done with it? 

Swap Toothbrushes & Wipe Around the Sink

When we talk about spring cleaning we immediately think of overhauling wardrobes, deep cleaning from top-to-bottom and dusting every nook and cranny within the house. One way to get your clean going is to swap out all of your toothbrushes, or the toothbrush heads if you have an electric one. We forget that overtime a log of germs and bacteria begin to build up on the brushes and holders. Whilst in the process you may as well give your sink and the surrounding area a sanitize to keep the area fresh - a combination of water and vinegar can provide an ideal chemical free cleaner. 

Organise Your Space 

We’re all guilty of having that one drawer or cupboard filled with junk that ‘you never know’ might come in handy, but let's make a conscious effort to change that this Spring, because let's face it you’ll never need that you’ll never need that giant ball of rubber bands. So take some time to go through your miscellaneous drawer and start clearing out everything you don’t really need or have any purpose for, we promise you’ll feel better for it.

If you decide to take this one step beyond the ‘messy drawer’ and decide to tackle the whole house, then perhaps this guide to decluttering your home may be of help.  

Create a Checklist 

If you’re planning on carrying out a deep house clean this spring we’d suggested you start off by making a full checklist with all the jobs and tasks you'd like to achieve. Break down each room you'd like to focus on and prioritise what jobs are needed in each, and begin to work through them. By doing this you’re reducing the chance that you’ll forget anything and also give yourself a target to work towards.

Need a little extra space to help you out with the spring clean this year?  Get a quote on our sotare units, we’re sure we have the ideal solution to your needs - no matter how much space you’re looking for. 

Wipe Down Furniture 

Furniture gets an extremely frequent amount of use, and let's face it in the last 12 months the amount of time spent sitting on the sofa has shot up even more. This means the amount of grease and dirt, or mucky paw prints has likely started to build up and mark the material. Germs  and bacteria can also begin to build up overtime, meaning it is essential to give your furniture a wipe over and through clean to ensure you have no unwelcome and unsanitary visitors in your home. 

Seal Your Windows 

Despite moving into the warmer months it's still an ideal opportunity to fix any cracks and gaps within your windows to help keep your home toasty on those fresh spring mornings. Start off by giving your windows and windowsills a good wipe down, clean any grime and water marks off the windows then begin to fill in any cracks and gaps - they’ll look brand new when done and likely help save a bit of money on the heating too! A win-win! 

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