5 Easy Bathroom Storage Hacks

5 Easy Bathroom Storage Hacks

The bathroom is considered the most functional room in the house, so it’s important that it's tidy and fitted to do so. you can make the most out of your bathroom space by being creative with the space you do have. Here are the ultimate storage hacks to keep your bathroom looking great.

Shelves and Cabinets

Shelves are a great way to store your toiletries, whilst clearing up some space on your bathroom floor. There are a vast number of shelves available on the market, all varying in size, shape and colour to match the design of your bathroom. To make your bathroom appear even more organised, you can buy cabinets to conceal the shelves, making them appear a lot less cluttered. If you are looking or an inexpensive option, turn a basket or crate on its side, to create deep shelving storage, which also looks rustic and visually appealing.

Shower Organiser

If you haven’t already got one, we highly recommend investing in a shower organiser. Keep all your shower necessities neatly stored in one place, whilst still being accessible and tidy. You can buy shower organisers online, or an alternative option is to use a shoe organiser, although great for the wardrobe they can also double as great in the bathroom. Simply store shower gels and exfoliants in the individual pockets of the organiser, and there you have it - the perfect shower organiser. However, you must ensure that the organiser has holes or mesh pockets, to allow the shower water to drain.

Bathroom Storage Chest

If you are looking for an unfitted bathroom storage idea, then this bathroom storage chest is for you. We recommend a chest with a stylish finish for a larger bathroom, as it adds a classic appeal to your bathroom. You can keep several bathroom essentials in this chest, such as towels or moisturisers. The free-standing look of the chest can open up your bathroom greatly and will stand out from anything else in your bathroom. 

Use Baskets

If your bathroom is large enough, you could consider grouping some wicker baskets together. Baskets such as these make great space for towels and skin care products and add an element of texture into your home. Simply pick a colour which reflects the colour scheme of your bathroom and places the baskets into the corner of your bathroom, so that they don’t take up too much space. These baskets will make it really easy to grab hold of what you need next time you copout of the bath.

Display Your Toiletries

This storage technique may seem obvious, but it is simple and effective. Simply display your pretty toiletries on an open shelf! This is not only cost-effective but can add a touch of personality to your bathroom. Have a sort out of all of your toiletries and throw out the ones that you don't use - or put them into storage. Then, you can display you’re a few of your essentials on a single shelf, to create a minimalist appeal to your bathroom. 

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