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With the darker months approaching and a long way until Christmas, work can start to feel like a slog, wherever it is that you’re working. Your work might seem to be piling up and your desk may seem as cluttered as your mind. Something that might help is to examine the environment in which you work: Is your desk providing you with the correct conditions to inspire you to work effectively? If not, office organisation could be a great way to revamp your space and in turn rekindle your motivation!


Organising files and decluttering may feel like a waste of time. How could a few labels possibly help? But the time you’ll save in the long run, when things are easier to find and your mind feels more at ease, will far outweigh the time spent right now. To inspire your office organisation, we have collected 10 office organisation tips and tricks to help you in your sort-out!

1. Declutter, declutter, declutter

The first and most important tip in our work office organisation ideas should be to clear all unnecessary items from your workspace. Desks, particularly in your home office, can become dumping grounds for all types of documentation or sheets of paper. Weed out the useful things, discard or shred old or irrelevant documents, and sort documents and items based on how often you will need to access them


2. Bare Bones Desk

If you are someone that has an easy time finding things to distract them, this is a great work office organisation idea for you. During the declutter process, you can remove everything from your desk and begin to build it up from ground zero. Think about your daily routine and only replace objects you know for certain are necessary on every or most working days.

When decluttering, you might find that there are files that you need to keep but do not need to live in your office. Our household storage solutions can provide an easily accessible and totally secure location for your important documents.


3. Workday Notepad or Planner

For many, having your day organised on your online calendar may be enough for you to stay on track. However, a more visual and tactile way to jot down notes or to visualise your to-do list is to have a notepad or day planner in front of you on your desk. These are readily available at stores or you can create your own if you’re feeling creative. Planners can feature as many sections as you need, including a to-do list, an area of things to remember, and a general notes section. These are perfect for leaving yourself notes for the following day so nothing is forgotten,


4. Divide Your Space

If you have several responsibilities at work, you might spend a considerable amount of time switching hats. It might be useful, therefore, to create different ‘stations’ in your work office. This can ease the transition between tasks or roles, even if this involves just a different area of your desk. This can also apply to admin tasks, with a different area of your office containing a wall calendar, printer, bin, and planner. 


5. Filing System

Filing system organised office desk

Despite not being needed on a daily basis, there are, of course, documents that need to be kept handy. As an important part of our work office organisation ideas, creating a filing system that makes sense to you and is easy to navigate can make your life a million times easier. Sort your files how you see fit, by topics, date, or alphabetically, and find somewhere adequate to store them.

6. Invest in or Create Storage Solutions

Once you have ascertained the importance and how accessible files should be, you can then set about storing them in your office. A filing cabinet is a tried and tested way to store important documents, however if you haven’t got enough space, there are smaller equivalents available at stationary supply stores. For pens, pencils, cables, and more, you can create storage for them with jars, mugs, or boxes you have around the house. Alternatively, cheap options can be found at high street stores or online.


For more inspiration for useful but aesthetic Home Office Storage Options, check out the tips in our blog.


7. Label It 

Once you have created your ideal storage, it’s time to think about how sustainable this is. To encourage yourself to continue with this level of organisation, labels can be a creative but useful reminder of what goes where. This goes for documents, filing systems, and stationary items.


8. Working Wall Calendar

Working wall calendar office organisation

A wall calendar is personal to you. It’s a perfect way for you to visualise your tasks, meetings, and events, all in one place. Whether this is a literal monthly calendar you can write on, more of a to-do list, or a large year-long design, a wall calendar can be an aesthetic but hugely useful addition to our work office organisation ideas. And they can be as big or as small as you need to fit any sized space, and blue-tacked to walls to leave no lasting effects.


9. Cable Management

Cable management is one of the simplest office organisation tips and tricks but can make a huge difference to your space. With the amount of technology we all have on our work desks, this can often become unsightly or a real hazard in your office. Vertical or tower extension leads are now available, allowing you more space to thread cable around your office furniture. Making use of cable ties or cable tidies can make your office look neater and remove the tripping hazards from your office floor. This can also protect technology from accidental damage, either from pulling cables or from spilled drink. In addition, creating coloured labels for your cables can reduce time spent following wires back to the source. 


10. Digital Organisation


How you organise your work computer is equally as important as the space surrounding it. This not only goes for your digital files, but also your desktop and your email inbox. It can feel like a huge task, but decluttering your digital space will save you collective hours finding files. Clearing out unneeded files might also speed up your computer. If you are finding that your computer is slowed dramatically by the amount of files on your PC, consider investing in additional digital storage.


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